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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Feb 26, 2009

Tips for playing the outfield, including:

  • Judging the natural curvature of fly balls
  • Avoiding collisions in the outfield
  • How to begin your run for a ball
  • The best way to the make the catch

And a lot more.

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Feb 19, 2009

The most popular type of treasure hunting is coinshooting, or using a metal detector to find coins in the ground. In this first show of a series on coinshooting, we outline the steps a beginner should take to learn to coinshoot like a pro.

Feb 12, 2009

Very basic tips on playing the infield in adult slowpitch softball. 

For detailed diagrams on infield strategy, click here.

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Feb 5, 2009

How deep does a metal detector go? 

Well, it depends.

This program looks at several factors that affect the depth of a metal detector.

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