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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Apr 30, 2009

Finding fifty coins in an afternoon is great, but disappointment can set in when their total value is a dollar, and none of them are old. This show offers tips on finding the older coins, with a story of how one treasure hunter zeroed in on a locale that offered up coins dated 1850 and earlier.

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Apr 23, 2009

Major league baseball teams win .542 at home, but just .458 on the road. 

Fan noise plays a major role.

In this show we'll give you some tips on how to get the crowd noise going in your favor. 

And we'll talk about bringing kids to your games, too.

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Apr 16, 2009

Some people swear by alkaline batteries for their metal detectors, others use rechargeables.  What does the manufacturer recommend?  Hear the answers in this podcast.

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Apr 9, 2009

Books on adult slowpitch softball are hard to find, but there are a lot of videos on the topic.

Herewith, a look at some of the most popular (and some not-so-popular) softball instructional videos.

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Apr 2, 2009

Is coinshooting really worth the trouble, when your finds seldom come anywhere near to earning you minimum wage?  How to answer your skeptical friends.

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