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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Dec 31, 2009

Several first basemen have taken issue with a suggestion I made in an earlier program, and rightly so. 

We clear that up in this show, and offer a couple of other final tips on playing first base.

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Dec 24, 2009

When it comes to treasure hunting, are you a loner?  In this show, we take a brief look at treasure clubs and offer five reasons you should consider joining - or starting - a club.

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Dec 17, 2009

In the last program, we asked veteran first basemen around the country some basic questions about playing first base. 

This time, we talk about some of the tips, tricks and secrets we learned from those first basemen.

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Dec 10, 2009

Relic hunters are a different breed. Unlike coinshooters and beach hunters, they are seeking history rather than money.  True, many relics - especially Civil War items - are worth big bucks, but many relic hunters are more interested in finding clues as to what happened when. And they hunt in more isolated places than...

Dec 3, 2009

First base - is it a place to hide your tall, slow guy, or is it the place where more outs are made than anywhere else on the field?

Veteran first basemen from all over the country tell us what they wish they'd known before they started playing first base. 

In this show, we'll talk about the basics of playing...