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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jul 29, 2010

You're a pitcher, and you've just released the perfect pitch. 

Your pitching form is picture-perfect, your follow-though is stunningly choreographed and breathtakingly beautiful, and . . . and suddenly the ball is flying toward your face at a hundred miles an hour. 

What should pitchers do immediately after they have...

Jul 26, 2010

Fibber McGee and Molly were one of America's best-loved radio couples. Stars Jim and Marion Jordan were married in real life, and their show was on the air from 1935 to 1959.

Their radio show was as popular as The Lone Ranger, Jack Benny, Gunsmoke, and Burns and Allen, but unlike those programs, Fibber McGee and Molly...

Jul 22, 2010

What's a 1926-S penny worth? 

Could be three hundred dollars, could be six bucks.  It all depends on the condition of the coin.

This program explains why the coins you find with your metal detector may not be worth as much as the books say, and it also tells you which coins don't lose value while in the ground.


Jul 19, 2010

Once upon a time there were radio shows - and then television shows - that told a different story every week, with no continuing characters except the host who introduced each story, and with different locations, and even time periods, every week. 

In radio, there was Suspense, and Lights Out, and The Whistler, and...

Jul 15, 2010

It's a new game!  You're on the mound!  All eyes are on you as you prepare to throw the first pitch.

Wait!  Stop right there! Are you sure you know what you're doing?

This show walks you through all the little details that should go through your mind before you throw the first pitch of a game, and then before you throw...