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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jun 30, 2011

Are you still in high school?  Or college?  Or grad school? 

Are you now, or will you someday be, taking a basic speech class? 

Then this show is for you.

While the other students are giving the same old boring speeches on how to make spaghetti and why we should bomb Granada, you can grab the attention of your...

Jun 27, 2011

Gene Autry was 21 when he began singing on the radio, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

A year later he signed a recording contract with Columbia records, and he moved to WLS in Chicago, where he was on the National Barn Dance for four years. 

He made his first movie in 1934, and his radio show, Gene Autry's Melody Ranch, aired from...

Jun 23, 2011

Most treasure hunters agree that intelligent research is a necessity for increasing your odds of finding older coins. 

But research can be difficult in many ways - it may require travel to libraries and museums, and poring over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, and bothering people, and taking...

Jun 20, 2011

Himan Brown envisioned a creaking door as an introduction to a spooky radio series.  He created the series, Inner Sanctum Mysteries, but he couldn't

get the sound he wanted from a door.  So he used a creaking chair, and that's what you hear at the beginning of each episode of Inner Sanctum.

The early episodes were...

Jun 16, 2011

Some players and coaches have short fuses. 

Does this put them at a disadvantage as far as close calls by the umpires go? 

In this show I interview a veteran ump on the subject.

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