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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 28, 2011

Ann Sothern is probably best remembered for her role as Susie McNamara in the TV series Private Secretary. 

But before that, she had starred in 11 movies about Maisie, a burlesque dancer who got herself into fixes that would have stymied even Lucille Ball. 

Maisie became a radio series in 1947, with Ann Sothern...

Nov 24, 2011

Two short shows instead of one long one this week. 

First, an addendum to my earlier program about headphones for treasure hunters. And here's some info about the five-dollar headphones I talk about in the show(though they are more than $5.00 here):

Then, a look at a book written in 1860,...

Nov 22, 2011

In the course of his radio career, Dick Powell played two detectives named Richard.  He is most famous as Richard Diamond, but before that he was Richard Rogue. 

Richard Rogue had a gimmick.  Whenever he was knocked unconscious (that is, in every episode), his alter ego Eugor spoke to him, giving him a clue as to how...

Nov 17, 2011

The proposed rule changes for the 2012 ASA season have been announced. 

The biggies including changing the distance between bases, allowing senior league players to swing the Big Bats, and the banning of bat warmers. 

In this show, I list the eleven rule changes the ASA is instituting next year.

NOTE:  I made a...

Nov 14, 2011

John Charles Daly is best known for hosting What's My Line in the early days of television, but before that he was a CBS newsman who anchored a unique radio program that went back in time. 

The show was called You Are There, and in it the CBS News department covered historical events live, like the landing of...