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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Dec 31, 2013

Al Pearce was on the air for almost two decades.  His show was mostly broad vaudeville-style humor, the type that ages poorly. 

But Al brought to radio many future stars - Morey Amsterdam, Yogi Yorgesson, Lord Bilgewater, Eb and Zeb, and fast-talking Arlene Harris.

And Al himself was famous for his shy door-to-door...

Dec 24, 2013

The Columbia Workshop was an experimental program on CBS from 1937 to 1947, with a break during the war years. 

It featured programs about the technical side of radio, about sound effects and microphones and how music can enhance radio drama. 

It also featured Orson Welles in Hamlet and MacBeth, and radio plays based on...

Dec 20, 2013

For the last show of 2013, we (really just me, but "we" makes me sound more important) tie up some odds and ends, and add a P.S. or two to some earlier shows. 

We (I) also give a well-deserved plug to fellow treasure hunter and writer Dick Stout, whose handsome picture graces this page. Check out his blog at

Dec 17, 2013

He hosted the 1938 Academy Awards show.

His newspaper column was carried in 240 papers. 

He had major roles in 25 movies, and he was the male lead in eight of them.

And the Army named a weapon after a musical instrument he invented, the Bazooka.

Yet few people recognize the name Bob Burns, the...

Dec 10, 2013

The CBS radio show Romance is little-known, because in its 15-year run, CBS used it mostly as filler.  It had no long-term time slot or day of the week.  It would appear whenever CBS had a slot to fill.

Which is sad, because it was a top-flight program, with excellent writing and great stars.  In this episode, you'll...