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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Mar 28, 2013

A newbie recently asked me to send him any leads I might have on buried treasures or lost mines in his area. 

And it hit me that when I was a newbie, I dreamed of finding the Big One, too.

Only after learning the basics do we realize that metal detecting brings lots of small treasures, seldom really big ones. 


Mar 26, 2013

Bride and Groom was a daytime "reality" show that aired from 1945 to 1950. 

Each weekday afternoon, a happy couple told about how they met, their first date and their first kiss, and some funny stories about their romance. 

After their wedding, they were given gifts like appliances and a honeymoon trip. 

This episode...

Mar 19, 2013

Here's one of the early radio horror shows - The Witch's Tale.  It began on local New York City radio station WOR in 1931, and three years later it moved to the Mutual Network.

Old witch Nancy cackled with glee as she introduced gory and grisly tales, and her black cat Satan screeched in the background. 


Mar 15, 2013

How much do you know about the coins you're finding? 

How many presidents have appeared on our coins? 

How many non-presidents? 

Who were they? 

Here's a fun little quiz to test your powers of observation.

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Mar 12, 2013

Clark Kent and Superman.  Bruce Wayne and Batman.  And Steve Adams and Straight Arrow!

Steve Adams was a full-blooded Comanche indian who was raised by white settlers.  As a teen, he heard a legend of a fierce Comanche warrior who would someday appear to fight for the good and for the right.  And he decided that he was...