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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Oct 28, 2014

Like scary stuff?

The Sealed Book was a short-lived but well-remembered old-time radio show of horror, terror, murder, and madness. 

Written by the same team who wrote The Mysterious Traveler, The Sealed Book was on the air for just six months, from March to September, 1945. 

This episode, Queen of the Cats, first...

Oct 24, 2014

Canadian pennies!  Most of us have found them with our detectors. 

But did you know that for 15 years, they weren't round, but had 12 sides? 

And that for 13 years they were made of steel?

And that Canada hasn't made any pennies at all for almost three years?

All that and more in my latest show.

And for articles...

Oct 21, 2014

Arch Oboler sold his first short story to a magazine when he was ten. 

He started writing for radio because he thought radio should be a lot more than the soap operas he was hearing. 

Most people either loved him or hated him.  His "strong personality" (which got him expelled from college) often overshadowed his...

Oct 14, 2014

Charles Boyer made 80 movies, generally appearing as a suave leading man. 

He also did short-lived radio series in which he played a romantic rogue name Michel. 

In each episode, Michel told a story about one of his adventures to a writer named Bart Conway, and Conway sold the stories to an American magazine.


Oct 10, 2014

1862 was the year, and the only year, that postage stamps were used as coins. 

The Civil War was in full force, coins were hard to come by because they were used in the war effort (and people hoarded them), so in July 1862, the government okayed the use of stamps as legal tender. 

An enterprising businessman patented...