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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 4, 2014

Alan Young? Wasn't he Wilbur Post on Mr. Ed? You mean he did RADIO?

Yep, Alan's first show was on the CBC (Canada) just before World War II. He was born in England (his real name is Angus, not Alan), lived in Scotland for a spell, then moved to Canada when he was six.

He became attached to radio when he was a child, listening to it while spending long stretches at a time in bed because of his bad case of asthma.

He came to the United States in 1944, where The Alan Young Show became an instant hit. The TV version won him the "Outstanding Lead Actor" Emmy in 1951, and he made several films until he was chosen to be Mr. Ed's sidekick in 1961.

This episode of The Alan Young Show, from February 7, 1947, is called Photo of a Bank Robbery.

P.S. That's Dorothy Lamour in the photo with Alan.