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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 26, 2014

The Cinnamon Bear is a 26-episode adventure serial about Jimmy and Judy Barton's quest to regain the star that tops their Christmas tree. 

With an all-star cast, fascinating fairytale characters, and an exciting storyline, the Cinnamon Bear  has become an annual tradition with many families, over three-quarters of a century after it first aired  in 1937.

Actors who appear in this serial include Joseph Kearns, Frank Nelson, Howard McNear, Gale Gordon, Elliott Lewis, Verna Feldon, and Barbara Jean Wong. 

My podcast includes the first two episodes of The Cinnamon Bear.  You should gather the kids together at bedtime and play them Episode One on November 29.  Each episode runs about 12 minutes.  The next night at bedtime, play them Episode Two.  Then either download the other 24 episodes, or play them directly from the website each night:

And why start on November 29?  Because then the last episode will play on Christmas Eve.