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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 8, 2010

Information Please! was a popular quiz show, on the air from 1938 to 1951. 

Listeners sent in questions to stump the panel.  If the listener's question was used on the air, the listener won a few dollars. 

If the panel couldn't answer the question, the listener won a few more dollars.

Clifton Fadiman was the moderator of the show.  The panel consisted of three regulars who had an immense knowledge of music, sports, literature, popular culture, and several other fields. 

They were joined by a different celebrity panelist every week. 

Some of the celebrities who played the game were Orson Welles, Dorothy Parker, Boris Karloff, and Mike Wallace, when he was still known as Myron Wallace.

From June 20, 1939, here’s Information Please, with guest panelist Gracie Allen.