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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Mar 5, 2009

Tips on getting started correctly, gridding an area, two five-dollar gold pieces beneath a pulltab.


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Dan Hughes
over ten years ago

Hi Kevin,

I use the CZ-5, too, and I set my sensitivity to maximum and try to ignore all the false signals. It it gets too crazy, I back the sensitivity a bit.

By false signals, I mean those that don\'t give a good beep in all four directions (left, right, frontward, backward).

One great thing about the CZ-5 is that you don\'t lose any depth when you increase the discrimination. With most detectors, it\'s a tradeoff: more disc, less depth.

Hope that helps!

Dan Hughes
over ten years ago

Let me try that first paragraph-second sentence again:

If it gets too crazy, I back the sensitivity down a bit.

Kevin Barkley
over ten years ago

Have enjoyed your podcasts.I am a 10 year veteran MD\'er.However I am always confused on sensitivity range on my Fisher CZ-5.I guess what I am getting at is,could you do a show on Disc and Sensitivity?