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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Mar 12, 2009

The new rulebook is out!

Here's a summary of the American Softball Association's rule changes for 2009.

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Dan Hughes
over ten years ago

Good point. And a bit sad, since it should not be left to the umpires. Some umpires are very much aware of bats, and others are completely clueless.

It would have been much better for ASA to have issued a comprehensive list of older bats, legal and non-legal.

Though I doubt that ANY bats made before 2000 are powerful enough to make a banned list.

almost ten years ago

I dont care for the mic your using on this pod. voice sounds distant, did you switch back to your other mic for this one.

Dan Hughes
almost ten years ago

Hi Eli,

I was experimenting with different microphones when I recorded this podcast.

I have pretty well settled on the Rode NT1000 for now, a nice condenser microphone that seems to suit my voice pretty well. Listen to the podcast on the knuckleball (#022) and let me know what you think.

Mike Rowe
over ten years ago

Just a note: There is still an allowance for bats manufactured prior to 2000 which, in the umpire\\\'s judgment, would have passed the existing requirement had they been tested today.

That doesn\\\'t mean they MUST be allowed, but if so are completely at the dicretion of the umpire.