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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Apr 30, 2009

Finding fifty coins in an afternoon is great, but disappointment can set in when their total value is a dollar, and none of them are old. This show offers tips on finding the older coins, with a story of how one treasure hunter zeroed in on a locale that offered up coins dated 1850 and earlier.

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five and a half years ago

When you say "you never know what your next dig will turn up" it couldn't be any more accurate. I went out yesterday after being into this hobby less than a year using a garret ace 250. what did I dig up? it was a 1788 massachusetts common wealth whole cent. just goes to show you....keep the faith.

almost ten years ago

Dear Dan: Our hobby is an endangered species, talk to your listeners about defending their rights from goverment and archies greed. E-mailing petitons do not work. Letters must be sent and peaceful prostests must be organized. If nothing is done, even detecting in private property will be outlawed.