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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Oct 15, 2009

I have just heard from another disappointed treasure hunter who finally got a chance to search an old country homesite that you'd think would be teeming with choice finds. But aside from a couple of zinc pennies and a clad dime, he was pretty much skunked. Sadly, this is the rule rather than the exception for old homesteads. Why?  This podcast covers some of the basic reasons old coins are hard to come by at rural homesites. But we all like happy endings, so this show ends with a tip about hunting one particular area of the old homestead where you might actually find several coins bunched together.

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over four years ago

Been detecting since 2002. One of the first places I ever detected was an old farmhouse like that. No coins either but I did find a neat Crotal Bell which to date is my best artifact discovery. Love your ipod casts.

nine and a half years ago

Very good information, and I agree with most of it. However, you forgot a couple of things. Farm houses often had stands along the road to sell excess produce. Farmers often sold eggs right from the chicken coop too. Lots of times, those city folk came to the farm to buy. Also near the \"coal shoot\" the farmer would pay the delivery guy for a load of coal he just brought. I have done pretty well at old farm houses. Just food for thought.


almost nine years ago

Great information Dan. I learned alot from this podcast.

Ross Soderberg
nine and a half years ago

A lot of good info and truth in this pod cast.
Well done as always.
One exception is those picnic groves on farm land. City folk came a visiting!