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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Nov 25, 2010

Wherein your brave correspondent sticks his neck out and dares to make specific recommendations. 

Four entry-level detectors are compared feature-by-feature, to help you make an informed choice. 

The machines in question:  Fisher F2, Garrett Ace 150, Tesoro Compadre, and White's Coinmaster.

P.S.  Here's the site that offers the Fisher F2 with the 4" coil, AND a pinpointer, for $215: 

Also, several internet dealers are offering an F2 package with the 4" coil and the 10" coil for $275.


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almost eight years ago

Well done - helpful for beginners or those looking for a detector for their kid or other keen novice. I happen to own a Compadre and think that it is the bee's knees. Cheers

over eight years ago

Hi Dan the compadre is a great starter unit 4 the beginner!I cut my teeth on it, lifetime warranty,simple,effective,have moved on with different units but dont think i will ever sell my little compadre buddy!Thanks 4 all you share Dan!

eight and a half years ago

Great pod cast, I have an F2 and love it. Got it so I have a machine if a buddy or one of my sons want to join me on a hunt. I got it as a package deal with both the 8 and 4" coils when they first came out a couple years ago at the $199.00 price. You can get right up along the fences with the small coil in parks where other machines false. Found my first Barber spill with it, a quarter and dime in the same hole.

eight and a half years ago

i had the coin master its no good i took it back to the store the same day i got it i had the fisher f2 thats a good machine it got stoleing now the tesoro i had also that was the best machine i ever had you dont need a pinpoint so easy with the small coil id pick the tesoro very good

eight and a half years ago

Your podcast is right on the money.

My thoughts on the Fisher the selling price is that the detector could be priced lower but, the cost of the smaller coil would end up costing twice as much or more. So Fisher makes more money by pricing it higher and giving a so called discounted price on the smaller coil. Most folks will opt to buy the smaller coil. Especially when they see other manufacturers selling optional coils for $75.00 plus. It appears a bargin--marketing.

Overall the Tesoro and the Fisher would be my choice for the beginner and pro who wants a backup unit. A lot of pro's are finding the Tesoro the perfect tot lot detector or for scoping out locations for future hunts with the big guns. Something you don't mind leaving in the trunk of your never know when you'll pass a spot that looks interesting and wish your detector was in your car.....

Keep on podcasting!!!