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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Aug 19, 2011

I'm a treasure hunter.

I'm a metal detector hobbyist.

I'm a metal detectorist.

I'm a  - what?  What should we call ourselves?

In this show, I discuss several appellations and find that none of them are spot on.  Can you help?

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seven and a half years ago

How about "detectician"? (i.e. technician) or "detectologist" (i.e. technologist).

Great manual by the way.


seven and a half years ago

'treasure hunter'! is what I call myself. although lot of time it ends up as the: 'bottle cap bandit', 'pull tab pirate', or the 'rusty nail ranger' ....


almost eight years ago

I also call myself a 'detectorist' as it is the most fitting term that I can think of. When I ask permission or am describing what I do, I usually do not use a term. I say "My hobby is metal detecting using a metal detector that will detect coins and like sized metal objects down to about 6" in the ground. When I make a plug to retrieve an object, the plug is usually from 3" to 4" across, cone shaped and about 4" deep. When I retrieve the target, I cover the hole to where where it is difficult to see that the ground has ever been disturbed." People, for the most part do not know what a 'detectorist' is but this description will usually get me into a site that I want to hunt. When I use the word 'detectorist', I am usually around other 'detectorists'.... Did I say that right??

Dan Hughes
almost eight years ago

Ouch! Am I that transparent?

Your note made me back up and evaluate myself. And I found that of my last ten podcasts, seven of them are unrelated to anything in the book.

And since the book covers most of what I know about treasure hunting, it's hard to come up with new and different material that still relates to our hobby, after 78 shows.

almost eight years ago

I like "detectorist". Also, I applaud that the subject of this podcast was a departure from the contents of the Metal Detecting Manual.