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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Sep 13, 2012

What was the first coin you ever found with a metal detector?  For the great majority of us, it was a Lincoln penny.  There are more Lincoln pennies out there right now than all the other coins combined.

How much do you know about the Lincoln cent? 

Who was responsible for its being issued? 

Why was it such a gutsy move? 

Why Lincoln? 

And who was Viktoras Barnauskas and why was he important?

These questions and more are answered in this program about the lowly Lincoln penny.

And please check out the ad for my book (which I wrote myself) (the ad AND the book) at  Guaranteed to make you chuckle!

P.S.  Thanks to eagle-eyed (or rather, eagle-eared) Coin Magnet of for catching a mistake in the show - I said "buffalo nickel" when I should have said "Liberty nickel." 

Dan Hughes
six and a half years ago

Paul, I was exactly like you - I collected Lincoln cents because I couldn't afford to keep any other higher-denomination coins!

And in those days (mid-1950s), it was still possible to find 1909-VDB pennies and all the choice S-mint cents in circulation. I'd buy rolls of pennies at the bank and take out the choice ones - there were always maybe 3 to 5 good dates in most rolls.

six and a half years ago

Dan, one of your best In the Corner ever and you have had a few. This many be, because I find it very timely. Just last week I found a drop of 40 pennies, 5 Indian Head, 1 Austian and 34 Wheat. It started me thinking about years ago as a young boy I had the blue books and collected pennies, because that is all I could afford to do. It kills me to hear someone say they do not pick pennies, I'm always glad to do. Thinking about starting new blue books just for MD pennies, What do You think? Thanks again for all you do.