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167-150115 In the Treasure Corner - Indoor Test Box

Are you itching to use that new detector you got for Christmas, but the ground is still frozen and snow-covered? 

Don't waste the next couple of months just waiting for spring - teach yourself the fine points of using that new machine right now, before you ever dig a signal.

By setting up a test box in your living room, you can learn to recognize the good from the bad, and avoid many of the problems most newbies encounter.

This show gives you a ton of ideas on experiments you can conduct with your detector and a cardoboard box.  Learn how your machine reacts to various metallic items, learn to pinpoint and determine depth, learn to tell junk from good stuff, and a lot more.  All in the comfort of your living room. 

Take notes on this one!  There's a lot of information here, and it's delivered in just three and a half minutes.

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