In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Some softball players think pitchers aren't important in slowpitch softball, because you can't do much finessing with a pitch that floats in to the batter at fifteen miles per hour. 

This show offers some tips on how to be more than just a pitching machine.

My book, Coaching and Managing Adult Slowpitch Softball, is available here.


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Twelve years ago, I came very close to getting a class ring back to its owner.  A month ago, I began anew to try to find the girl who lost it 23 years ago. I struck out with Classmates, and now I've stepped up my quest with five new attacks.  Enjoy the latest episode of "How Hard Can It Be To Get Rid of a Gold Ring?"

And if you enjoy the podcasts, read my book, The Metal Detecting Manual

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025-090813 In the Softball Corner - Newbie Pitching Secrets

Your team needs a pitcher - fast.  What do you do? 

This show gives you some shortcuts on finding the player on your team who is most likely to be trainable as a pitcher. 

It also shows you how to build a backyard pitching frame - for under two dollars - that will help your pitcher learn to throw accurate 12-foot-high strikes. 

Here's the website with photos and detailed instructions for making and setting up your pitching frame:

And here's the spiffy ad for my softball book:

Even if you're not interested in the book, the page has links to several free softball articles.  Check them out!

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There was a discussion in one of the treasure forums recently about the feasibility of making a living with your metal detector by becoming a full time treasure hunter.  Think of it!  No alarm clocks, no early-morning commutes to the office, no suits and ties, no office politics, no boss! Can it really be done? In this program I examine the possibilities.

I've written a book on treasure hunting called The Metal Detecting Manual.  It's for sale here

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