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Sure, it's fun to find coins - free money and all that - but most treasure hunters dream of finding a cache.  A jar of silver coins, an old tobacco tin stuffed with  five-dollar gold pieces, or a metal box full of diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. Cache hunting is unlike any other form of metal detecting, and this program has some tips to get you started in the right direction.

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It's hard enough to pitch to average batters - how do you pitch to power hitters?

In this show, I discuss different ideas from different pitchers. 

And a power hitter gives us his ideas on how a pitcher might give him problems.

And of course, there is one sure way you can guarantee that the power hitter doesn't hit a homer when you're on the mound.

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I have just heard from another disappointed treasure hunter who finally got a chance to search an old country homesite that you'd think would be teeming with choice finds. But aside from a couple of zinc pennies and a clad dime, he was pretty much skunked. Sadly, this is the rule rather than the exception for old homesteads. Why?  This podcast covers some of the basic reasons old coins are hard to come by at rural homesites. But we all like happy endings, so this show ends with a tip about hunting one particular area of the old homestead where you might actually find several coins bunched together.

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Abner Doubleday and James Naismith are names you may recognize, but George Hancock?

Softball began as a game of broomsticks and boxing gloves.  Now it is the most popular participant sport in the country, with over 40 million players.

This is the story of how softball began as a lark, and grew. into a major sport.

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So you've got a few hours free, and you want to go metal detecting.  Is it really worthwhile to hit that nearby park or schoolyard that is already pretty much hunted out? This podcast discusses the secrets of hunting those "hunted-out" areas.  How to find coins that others have missed.

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