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I've been pitching softball for a quarter of a century now, and over the years I've had several catchers who excelled at particular facets of the game. 

In this podcast I discuss two of the best catchers I've worked with, Kevin and Bill, and I tell you what they do that you can do, too, to become a better catcher.

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City Directories are a treasure trove of information about your town as it used to be.  By going through old city directories in chronological order, you can learn when particular houses were built, all the people who owned or lived in them over the years, the occupations of the tenants, whether the houses were ever used as businesses, and a lot of other fascinating facts that can help you judge whether or not a particular property might be worth detecting. I did a study of my own house from old city directories, and in this podcast I take you through the history of my home and its residents over the years.

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Catching is a controversial position in slowpitch softball.  Many teams hide their worst athlete at catcher, but that is where the runs score!   What to do?

With the help of dozens of long-time catchers, this program looks at the ins and outs of the position.

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And for you techies, this program was recorded with a Heil PR-30 microphone straight into a Mackie 402 VLZ mixer - with no mic processor.


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When people want to hide valuables nowadays, they seldom dig a hole in the backyard.  Instead, they find a hiding place inside their house.   This programs lists and discusses some of the more common indoor hiding places. The two books mentioned in the show are SEARCH! by James Warnke, and THE STASH BOOK by Peter Hjersman. And speaking of books, please check mine out at

By the way, for those of you who are technically inclined, this is my first show with my brand-new microphone (a Christmas present to myself).  It's a Heil PR-30, and I love this mike!

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