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If some of this week's program topics sound familiar, it's because I am plagiarizing myself.  Several of the tips here appeared in earlier programs.  No, I'm not recycling old shows out of laziness.  My earliest shows are a bit overlong, and I'm in the process of recording new versions of them. 

I'm dropping all those music intros and outros from those early shows, and limiting each program to just one topic.  That means I'll be removing all the tips and tricks from those shows. 

And rather than just discarding them, I'm recycling them in this show.  Today's tip topics include ideas about shoes, toothpaste, bars of soap, and nail apron fashion.

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The big rule change in ASA this year is the lowering of the maximum height of a pitch from 12 feet to 10 feet. 

This program discusses the ramifications of the new rule, with some suggestions on how pitchers can cope.

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What exactly is treasure trove, and who owns it?  You'll be surprised!

This program looks at some of the laws concerning the finding and legal ownership of treasure trove.

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This is the final show in the series on catching.  Listen to the tips, tricks, and secrets of veteran catchers. 

Ideas on working with umpires, taking advantage of your proximity to all the members of the other team, body positioning on throws home, and lots more.

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Split-the-loot contracts between treasure hunters and property owners are a popular topic with treasure hunters.  Here's why you should never (well, hardly ever) use such a contract.  And if you decide to use one anyway, please be aware of the one clause you should NEVER, EVER put into a contract.

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