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006-100628 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Burns and Allen

Nathan Birnbaum married Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen in 1926.  For the next 30 years, they were one of the best-loved couples in America. 

Nathan became George Burns and Gracie dropped all those middle names, and Burns and Allen were headliners in vaudeville, radio, and television for almost half a century.  George was in show biz for over 93 years!

Their radio program was one of the top-rates shows for many years.  This episode, Sweeping Into Office, was originally broadcast live from the San Francisco World's Fair on May 29, 1940.

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In program number 006, we discussed the most likely places to find coins and rings in parks. 

In this program, we go a step farther and talk about how to find the older (and hopefully, more valuable) coins in parks. 

Where exactly to hunt, how to find the hotspots for older coins, and how to find fewer coins on purpose - because you're concentrating on coins that were dropped decades ago, not yesterday.

I've just revamped my website, making it easier to read and to navigate.  Check it out at  And click on the Articles link for more treasure hunting secrets.


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005-100621 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Box 13

Movie actor Alan Ladd played Dan Holiday, an ex-newspaper reporter who wrote mystery novels. 

To find ideas for his stories, he ran a classified ad:  "Adventure wanted, will go anywhere, do anything.  Write Box 13, Star-Times." 

Each episode began with the reading of a letter responding to this ad, and Halliday was off on another adventure.

The series ran in 1948 and 1949, and Ladd himself was co-writer of some of the scripts. 

This episode, Suicide or Murder, aired on November 7, 1948.

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For newbie pitchers who want to win from the start - a list of things you must know before you step onto the field.  The pitching frame described in this show is at:

For more tips, visit my website:

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004-100614 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy was a supernatural anthology, much like the television show, The Twilight Zone.  It didn’t last very long – it was on the air from November 1941 to June 1942 – but it was written by Scott Bishop, who also wrote The Mysterious Traveler, and it was much admired by fans of the genre.

This episode, The Thing From the Sea, originally aired on November 28, 1941.

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In Depth Secrets 1 (podcast 004), we looked at four simple ways to get better depth from your metal detector.  Now in part 2, we examine another four ways to increase your depth.

For more tips and tricks of metal detecting and treasure hunting, see my website:


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003-100607 In the Old Time Radio Corner - The Cisco Kid

Westerns were big on radio.  Some were almost "literary" and aimed at adults, like Gunsmoke, Frontier Gentleman, and Have Gun Will Travel.

Others were full of exciting action and more for the kids, like Gene Autry's Melody Ranch, Wild Bill Hickok, and Roy Rogers.

The Cisco Kid definitely fit into the lots-of-action category.  Cisco and his sidekick Pancho got into a new fix every week, and by the end of the show they were back on the trailing, laughing with each other.

The program was on radio from 1942 to 1956, and a television version aired from 1950 to 1956.

This episode, War at Oak Pass, starred Jack Mather as the Cisco Kid, originally aired on July 14, 1953.

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Baseball geeks live for stats, stats, and more stats.  Slowpitch softball is a bit more casual . . . or is it? 

Does your team keep good stats?  Useful stats?  And how can you use them once you have them?

On the controversial side, what exactly should a hitter get credit for?  These are a few of the topics of this internet radio show. 

For more tips on hitting, pitching, fielding, coaching, and managing adult slowpitch softball, see my web page at


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