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055-100930 In the Treasure Corner - Long-Distance Locators

What you see here are the innards of a Long Distance Locator that sells for $1595. 

According to an engineer who disassembled it, the circuit board comes from an AM transistor radio that sold at Radio Shack for $6.99. 

He also says this pricey machine detects nothing but AM radio stations. 

Here's a full report:

This podcast discusses the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of these expensive machines.


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019-100927 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - My Favorite Husband

This is the show that evolved into television's I Love Lucy.

Three years before Lucy and Ricky on TV, there were Liz and George on the radio. 

The radio program was called My Favorite Husband, and many of the radio episodes were rewritten for use as scripts on the I Love Lucy TV show.

Lucy played Liz, but George was played by Richard Denning, who was replaced by Lucy's real-life husband, Desi Arnaz, when the show went to television.

So listen now to an early version of I Love Lucy.  Here's Lucille Ball in My Favorite Husband, from August 20, 1948.

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The rundown is one of the most exciting plays in softball. 

This show looks at the rundown from both the runner and fielder sides. 

The runner can be ejected from the game if he makes one particular mistake, and the fielder can also be thrown out if he breaks one particular rule. 

Hear about them both in this program.

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018-100920 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Inner Sanctum Mysteries

Inner Sanctum Mysteries ran from 1941 to 1952, and in those 11 years over 500 shows were broadcast. 

Many old-time listeners refer to it by its signature sound effect, The Creaking Door.  It was hosted by a ghoulish character who enjoyed bad puns.

The show was similar to television’s Twilight Zone, with stories that mixed humor with horror. 

From September 25, 1945, here’s Inner Sanctum, and The Lonely Sleep.

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Everybody hunts modern schoolyards, but what about the old, abandoned schoolhouses out in the country?  In this show we offer some tricks to help you find these often forgotten rural schoolyards.  We also tell you how to discover where in those schoolyards you are most likely to find the good stuff.

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017-100913 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Philip Marlowe

Philip Marlowe was a hardboiled private eye created by hardboiled author Raymond Chandler.

He began in the pulp detective magazines, then moved to the movies and then to radio.

Marlowe was played by film star Van Heflin on the radio, then later by Gerald Mohr.

This is the very first episode of The Adventures of Philip Marlowe.  It originally ran on June 17, 1947 on the NBC radio network.

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Fastpitch bats in slowpitch softball?  Wimpy, right?

Maybe not.  This show examines the differences between fastpitch and slowpitch bats. 

Weight, length, and resultant power. And more importantly, how to determine what's right for you. 

That pink fastpitch bat may just raise your batting average dramatically!  So, do you dare use it? 

I'd like to hear your thoughts on fastpitch bats.  Write

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016-100906 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Gunsmoke

Gunsmoke was an original concept in radio – a bleak western for adults.   It ran on the radio from 1952 to 1961. 

The program had the perfect cast members – straight-talking Bill Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon, quirky Parley Baer as Chester, ghoulish Howard McNear as Doc Adams, and Georgia Ellis as Matt’s love interest and saloon girl Kitty Russell.  

They had all done hundreds, perhaps thousands of roles in various radio programs before they were signed for Gunsmoke.  

William Conrad went on to star in television’s Cannon and Jake and the Fat Man, and Parley Baer and Howard McNear both had regular parts in the Andy Griffith Show, with Parley as Mayor Stoner and Howard McNear as Floyd the Barber.

This episode, from July 24, 1960, is called The Imposter.

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You've done your research, planned your recovery, and one fine morning you find a stash worth millions!  Easy Street forever, right?

Probably not. 

This show reveals what has happened to people who have become suddenly rich, and it ain't pretty.

So listen to this program, and you may decide that coinshooting is great, but treasure hunting is maybe just a little bit scary.

Or would YOU be able to handle that much money with no problems? 

Sure you would.

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