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057-101028 In the Treasure Corner - My Buried Treasure

In 1958, I buried a treasure in the back yard of this house. 

Here's the story of what it was, how it came about, and why I've had so much trouble trying to recover it for the past half-century.


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023-101025 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Saint

Though at least seven actors played The Saint on the radio over the years, Vincent Price is the Saint to most of us who listened to the show. 

The Saint got his name from his initials - ST, for Simon Templar.  He was a suave, clever, fun-loving and lovable criminal whose targets were pretty much rich bad guys. 

The Saint first appeared in 1928 in a book, moved to the movies in 1938, then to radio in 1940, and finally to television in 1968.

This radio episode, The Corpse Said Ouch, stars Vincent Price and was first aired on August 6, 1950.

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Back in Program #53, we took a look at the pros and cons of fastpitch bats.  I invited listeners to send me their stories about using fastpitch bats in slowpitch softball.

Mark Jones of Minneapolis sent in a report of his experiences with fastpitch bats. 

He talks about the reaction of other players, including a friend who shrugged off the fact that he could consistently hit harder and farther with a fastpitch bat.

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022-101018 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Our Miss Brooks

How many old-time radio sitcoms do you know of that were also a television series, and a movie?  I'll probably hear from listeners who have other answers, but the one that springs to mind for me is Our Miss Brooks.

Connie Brooks was a high school English teacher who had a crush on Mr. Boynton, the science teacher.  Gale Gordon played the blustery principal, Mr. Osgood Conklin.  And a very young Richard Crenna played the high school student who dated the principal's daughter. 

Incidentally, forty years later, Richard Crenna played Colonel Denton Walters in the movie Hot Shot Part Deux - a reversal of his Our Miss Brooks character, Walter Denton.

This episode, Student Government Day, originally aired on January 16, 1949.

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056-101014 In the Treasure Corner - Drive-In Theaters

Old, abandoned drive-in movie theaters can be a coinshooter's paradise.

This is a look at the history of drive-in theaters, their rise and fall, and the two main reasons they are now nearly extinct.

And some suggestions on how to find those old, dilapidated screens and concession stands that lie forgotten, patiently waiting to be rediscovered by the persistent coinshooter.

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021-101011 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Luke Slaughter of Tombstone

In the late 1950s, radio as a dramatic medium was dying out, giving way to disc jockey formats.

CBS radio tried to hold on a while longer by putting on radio what the public adored on television:  westerns!

This western, Luke Slaughter of Tombstone, perhaps would have been a huge hit twenty years earlier.  It was produced by the same folks who gave us Gunsmoke. 

But, good as it was, it was just too late.

This episode, Tracks Out of Tombstone, was originally broadcast on March 3, 1958.

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Fall Ball is different.  Less pressure, more fun, fewer fans, snowstorms.

This program is a lighthearted look at the differences between summer softball and fallball.

And don't miss the tip about fallball bats - what bats NOT to use when the weather is cold.

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020-101004 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Richard Diamond

Richard Diamond on radio and Richard Diamond on TV were two different animals. 

The radio Diamond (Dick Powell) was rather lighthearted and funny, and the television Diamond (David Janssen) was more hardboiled and serious.

Dick Powell himself does the whistling that opens the radio show.  This episode, the Ralph Chase Case, was originally broadcast on May 15, 1949. 

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