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076-110728 In the Softball Corner - Old Books I

Does anyone know Dennis Stern, of St. Paul, Minnesota?  In 1980 he wrote this manual, and I'd like to talk to him. 

It is an excellent collection of tips and tricks for playing slowpitch softball, and though it is outdated now, it still has a lot of excellent information that holds up today.  It deserves to be updated and republished, perhaps as an eBook. 

This show relays some tips on hitting and pitching, as taken from Dennis Stern's manual.

For more articles on adult slowpitch softball, see

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062-110725 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts

Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts was on the radio from 1946 to 1956, and on television from 1948 to 1958.

Some of the stars discovered by the show were Patsy Cline, Pat Boone, Tony Bennett, Jonathan Winters, Wally Cox, and Connie Francis. 

But Arthur missed the biggest star of all, a singer who auditioned for the show, but was not picked to appear - and that was Elvis Presley. 

A future star appears in this episode from April 18, 1949 - comedian Lenny Bruce.

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076-110721 In the Treasure Corner - Swing Speed and Overlap

Everybody tells you you'll find more if you slow down.  But slow down what? 

Your swing speed?  Your walking speed? 

This program gives you a step-by-step procedure for determining the proper swing speed for your detector, and it also tells you the secret of getting a beep from the deepest coins your detector is capable of finding.

Hey!  Two shows in one!  So pay attention!

And pay attention to this:, for articles and a video that will make you a better treasure hunter.

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061-110718 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Abbott and Costello

Though Bud Abbott and Lou Costello were most famous for their baseball skit Who's On First, they actually did several other routines written with that same basic formula, where Lou misunderstands what Bud is trying to tell him. 

This show has one such skit, about the Hertz U-drive company.

Actress Veronica Lake is the guest in this episode from December 2, 1943.

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075-110714 In the Softball Corner - Should You Buy that New Bat?

New bats look great! 

But what about their performance? 

How do they compare to the old bats? 

In this show, we compare the old and the new, and maybe destroy your hopes for improvement, but then maybe build them up again.

Or...Is 98mph really 98mph?

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060-110711 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Murder and Mr. Malone

Many of our In the Radio Corner shows are the first show of a series.  This time, we're giving you the last show of a series.

Murder and Mr. Malone ran on ABC and then NBC for four years, from 1947 to 1951.  A television version aired in 1951 and 1952. 

John J. Malone was a criminal lawyer.  He was created by Craig Rice, a female mystery novelist who appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in 1946, but has since been mostly forgotten. 

Malone was first played by Frank Lovejoy (better known as Nightbeat's Randy Stone), then Gene Raymond (Broadway and movie actor; husband of Jeanette MacDonald), and finally George Petri. 

Petri was in television for over half a century, with recurring roles in shows ranging from The Honeymooners to Dallas to Mad About You.  He also played Eddie Haskell's father on Leave It To Beaver.

This final episode, Haste Maketh Waste, was broadcast on July 13, 1951.

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075-110707 In the Treasure Corner - Speaking of Treasure Hunting

Are you still in high school?  Or college?  Or grad school? 

Are you now, or will you someday be, taking a basic speech class? 

Then this show is for you.

While the other students are giving the same old boring speeches on how to make spaghetti and why we should bomb Granada, you can grab the attention of your audience (and your instructor) and grab that "A" by talking about....treasure hunting!

Listen and learn.

And learn even more by reading my treasure hunting tips at

P.S.  The box with coins and pulltabs (bottom photo) is explained in the show.

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059-110704 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Radio City Playhouse

Here is one of the all-time classic old-time radio broadcasts.  Actress Jan Miner delivers a masterful virtually-solo half-hour performance as a frantic wife trying to save her husband (via telephone) from execution.

The show was the premiere episode of NBC's Radio City Playhouse, which ran for just a year and a half but was universally praised for its strong writing (many famous authors wrote especially for the show) and its excellent acting.

This episode, Long Distance, was originally broadcast on July 3, 1948.

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