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080-111128 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Maisie

Ann Sothern is probably best remembered for her role as Susie McNamara in the TV series Private Secretary. 

But before that, she had starred in 11 movies about Maisie, a burlesque dancer who got herself into fixes that would have stymied even Lucille Ball. 

Maisie became a radio series in 1947, with Ann Sothern reprising her movie role. 

This episode of Maisie, Department Store Clerk, was broadcast on November 24, 1949.

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085-111124 In the Treasure Corner - Update:  Headphones and Book Clues

Two short shows instead of one long one this week. 

First, an addendum to my earlier program about headphones for treasure hunters. And here's some info about the five-dollar headphones I talk about in the show(though they are more than $5.00 here):

Then, a look at a book written in 1860, and why it sparked my treasure hunting instincts.

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079-111121 - In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Rogue's Gallery

In the course of his radio career, Dick Powell played two detectives named Richard.  He is most famous as Richard Diamond, but before that he was Richard Rogue. 

Richard Rogue had a gimmick.  Whenever he was knocked unconscious (that is, in every episode), his alter ego Eugor spoke to him, giving him a clue as to how to proceed with the case. 

This episode of Rogue's Gallery, The Pat Flynn Case, first aired on June 6, 1946.

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The proposed rule changes for the 2012 ASA season have been announced. 

The biggies including changing the distance between bases, allowing senior league players to swing the Big Bats, and the banning of bat warmers. 

In this show, I list the eleven rule changes the ASA is instituting next year.

NOTE:  I made a reading error on rule 6.  The first part is right, but then I said the word "attached" was changed to "taped."  I should have said the word "taped" was changed to "covered."  The rest of the statement is correct.

UPDATE:  ASA has now published the new rules in their final form, and they have dropped the reference to BPF numbers.  They have also stipulated that this change is for senior championship tournaments only:

Rule 3 Section 1A [4]: Exception: Senior Softball bats may be used in Senior Championship Play.

Comment: Add an exception to Rule 3 Section 1 that Senior Softball bats may be used in Senior Championship Play only.

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078-111114 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - You Are There

John Charles Daly is best known for hosting What's My Line in the early days of television, but before that he was a CBS newsman who anchored a unique radio program that went back in time. 

The show was called You Are There, and in it the CBS News department covered historical events live, like the landing of the Pilgrims, the assassination of President Lincoln, and in this episode, the battle of the Alamo. 

Originally broadcast on August 18, 1947.

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084-111110 In the Treasure Corner - Karl von Mueller

Karl von Mueller was a mystery man.  His real name was Dean Miller.  He sometimes wrote as Deek Gladson.  But he mostly called himself Karl. 

He began his treasure hunting career in the 1920s, and he was still active well into the 1980s. 

Some of his books sell for several hundred dollars nowadays.  Little information is available on Karl, and if you have something to add please click the Comments button below and let us hear from you.

Listen to this show for info on Karl, and some of his insights on keeping your mouth shut.

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He was born Dean Miller on February 3, 1915, and he died on January 27, 1990 - one week shy of his 75th birthday.

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077-111107 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Your Hit Parade

Before Casey Kasem's American Top 40 Countdown, there was Your Hit Parade.  America tuned in every Saturday night, from 1935 until 1953, to find out what song was Number One. 

Each week, Your Hit Parade featured the top seven songs, performed not by the hit artists, but by the stable of singers who appeared on the show every week. 

Several regular performers on the show became stars, including Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Dinah Shore, and Gisele MacKenzie.

See how many songs you remember from this episode, with Frank Sinatra, which originally aired on December 30, 1944.

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083-111103 In the Softball Corner - Play Better Slo-Pitch

Here's a look at an obscure softball book that was written over 20 years ago by two Canadians.  It's a small book with lots of drawings, and it is an excellent reference book for newbies to the game.

In this show, I walk through the book and point out some of the tips contained therein.

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