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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Apr 30, 2012

Will Rogers Junior was much like his father - down-home, folksy, and always spouting gems of country wisdom.  

And Rogers of the Gazette was the perfect program for him. 

Rogers played a small-town newspaper editor who was constantly called upon to solve the problems in his community. 

With Georgia Ellis (radio's...

Apr 26, 2012

Metal detecting is probably the most expensive hobby ever, right? 

No, not right!  Not at all. 

Compare our hobby to bowling, fishing, softball, golf - and folks, it ain't so bad.

Here are some numbers to pass on to the little lady (or in some cases, for the little lady to pass on to her significant other) when he/she...

Apr 23, 2012

Peg Lynch is a national treasure.  She's still going strong at 95, and as funny as ever.

She assures us that she comes from a family of good genetic stock, her grandmothers living well into their 100s.  Speaking of one of them, Peg says: "She collected three war pensions.  Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War...

Apr 19, 2012

Should the pitcher use a big glove, a small glove, a light glove, a heavy glove? 

What about that favorite baseball glove you used in high school or college?

Does it really make much difference?

This show is for newbie pitchers who aren't sure what glove they should be using when they pitch.

For more articles on...

Apr 16, 2012

Rin Tin Tin is known as the Dog That Saved Warner Brothers.  There are still rumors that he beat out Emil Jannings for the 1929 Oscar for Best Actor, but the Academy was too embarrassed to give the Oscar to a dog. 

Be that as it may, Rin Tin Tin ruled Hollywood from the late 1920s into the Depression.  He was...