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128-121029 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Mr. District Attorney

Everybody remembers Jack Benny and Fibber McGee and Molly.  But there was another radio program that was in the Hooper Radio Ratings Top Ten for many years, and it is not so well remembered. 

It was called Mr. District Attorney, and it was the most popular crime show on radio throughout the 1940s. 

It was gritty, true to life, and written by an attorney who spent most of his time at bars and dives, talking with the people he was writing about. 

His scripts were so realistic that he was once visited by the FBI, who thought he was somehow getting information they couldn't get.

Jay Jostyn starred as the nameless District Attorney, and Len Doyle was Harrington, his chief investigator.

This episode, The Case of the Hijacked Worker, aired on August 19, 1942.

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109-121025 In the Treasure Corner - Writing Books and Eating Airplanes

Have you written your metal detecting or treasure hunting book yet? 

Too hard, you say? 


If Michael Lotito can eat this Cessna 150 (he did!), you can write a book. 

Because the method is the same - eat a plane, or write a book, one tiny bite at a time. 

Here's how I write my books, and how you can do it too.

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127-121022 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Screen Directors Playhouse

Screen Directors Playhouse was one of those shows that let you watch a movie on your radio. 

Each week, a movie director would introduce a radio version of his latest film, often featuring the same stars that had appeared in the movie.  And after the show, the director chatted with the stars. 

Screen Directors Playhouse ran from 1949 to 1951.  This episode stars a young Lucille Ball, recreating her movie Miss Grant Takes Richmond.  It originally aired on May 19, 1950.

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108-121018 In the Softball Corner - Playing Really Weak Teams

You're playing a team that is absolutely horrible.  Can't hit, can't field, can't run, can't pitch. 

And they have two team bats:  a wooden one, and a Hammer.

Do you show no mercy and win by 30? 

Or do you cut them some breaks? 

Thoughts on that, and more, in this show.

Click for articles on slowpitch softball,and a look at my book.

And click for the index to all these softball shows.

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126-121015 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Mayor of the Town

Mayor of the town was part comedy, part drama, a Norman Rockwell picture of small-town life during World War II. 

Lionel Barrymore starred in this program that aired from 1942 to 1949.

Agnes Moorehead played his housekeeper, and Conrad Binyon was his young ward. 

This episode, The Mayor Takes Care of Five Cats, originally aired on June 23, 1943.

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108-121011 In the Treasure Corner - Know Your Coins II - The Buffalo Nickel

The Buffalo nickel first appeared in 1913, a year later than planned.  In this podcast, you'll learn what caused the delay, and why the coin design was changed midway through the first year of its issue. 

The identity of the Indian, and the identity of the buffalo (which isn't a buffalo) are both still somewhat of a mystery today. 

Here's the story.

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125-121008 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Wanted

Here's a show that failed to click on both radio and television. 

The idea behind Wanted sounded good on paper - real-life crime stories, using the actual voices of the policemen and victims who were involved in the cases. 

The stories were interesting -this one is about the famous bank robber Willie Sutton.

But the problem was that the police officers and crime victims were the real thing, not actors, and some of them had trouble reading their lines realistically. 

The show aired for just one summer, in 1950.  This is the pilot episode.

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107-121004 In the Softball Corner - Those Called Third Strikes

What do you do when you have two strikes on you, and the next pitch is on its way?  You swing at it.  

Unless it's totally out of your reach, you swing at it.  

Because you never know what the ump is going to call it, and you look like a complete idiot if you're called out on strikes.  

And that's what this program is all about.

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124-121001 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Mysterious Traveler

Like The Whistler and Inner Sanctum, the Mysterious Traveler was a half-hour radio series of strange tales narrated by an all-knowing host. 

The Mysterious Traveler was on the air for ten years, from 1943 to 1952, on the Mutual network. 

This episode, about a mysterious wagon train trapped in a cave, is one of the most popular of the series.  It aired several times over the run of the show.  This version was broadcast on November 6, 1951.

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