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111-121129 In the Softball Corner - ASA 2013 Rule Changes

The American Association of Amateur Softball had their annual meeting last week. 

This program outlines the rule changes that will take effect in 2013.  Most of them are fairly small tweaks. 

But one really big change will go into effect in 2014.

They're all here, In the Softball Corner.

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132-121126 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Candid Microphone

Before Candid Camera, there was Candid Microphone. 

Allen Funt, fresh out of the Army, worked as an idea man for the radio show Truth or Consequences. 

He had an idea of his own, and he turned it into first a radio show and then a television show that was on the air for over two decades.

Here's how it started.  A hidden microphone and a wacky situation thrust upon an unsuspecting stranger. 

In this episode, from August 10, 1947, Funt tries to get people to donate to a charity set up to help Eskimos who struggled through a too-warm winter.

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111-121124 In the Treasure Corner - Know Your Coins IV - The Mercury Dime

Nudity!  Murder!  Suicide! And sixty-five years in an insane asylum!  All of these things are involved in the lurid story of … the Mercury dime?

Did you know that the first nude movie actress in Hollywood posed for at least one, probably two, United States coins?

Did you know that the portrait on the Mercury dime is not only not the Roman god Mercury, it isn't even a male?

Did you know that the real Mercury had wings on his sandals, not his head?

And do you know what mythical character appeared on more United States coins than all other subjects (presidents, statesmen, historical figures) combined?

You'll know all that and more after you listen to this program.

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131-121119 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Granby's Green Acres

Do you know the connection between the TV shows I Love Lucy and Green Acres? 

You'll find out when you listen to this episode of the Old-Time Radio Corner. 

Gale Gordon, Bea Benaderet, and Parley Baer starred in Granby's Green Acres, a spinoff of My Favorite Husband. 

Though the show featured three of the biggest stars in radio, it lasted just two months.  

This episode, Granby Lays an Egg, first aired on July 31, 1950.

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110-121115 In the Softball Corner - A Nation of Wimps?

Does your team do practices?  I have four teams, and we have non-mandatory, informal batting practice every Sunday. 

In the last couple of years, attendance at these practices has dropped dramatically. 

This program examines a few of the possible reasons.

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130-121112 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Bold Venture

In 1951, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were major Hollywood stars.  They had met and fallen in love while they were making the movie To Have and Have Not. 

He was 44, she was 19. 

They made three other films together, all hits:  The Big Sleep, Dark Passage, and Key Largo.  And in 1951, they starred together in a radio series, Bold Venture, for which they were paid $4,000 for each half-hour episode. 

Bogart played the owner of a hotel in Cuba, and Bacall was his sidekick.  Jester Hairston was the mysterious singer who advanced the story lines with his songs.  And Bold Venture was Bogart's ship.

In this episode, from May 28, 1951, Lauren Bacall is framed for murder.

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109-121108 In the Softball Corner - A Senior League That Works

This week's show takes a look at a senior league with opposing lifestyles. 

Half the teams play to win; the other half play for fun. 

What happens when one meets the other?  It ain't pretty. 

Here's how one league made a rule change that helped level the playing field.

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129-121105 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Adventures of Frank Merriwell

Before Tom Swift, before the Hardy Boys, before Jack Armstrong.  There was Frank Merriwell, the All-American Boy. 

Frank was a Yale athlete, a star in baseball, basketball, football, track, and crew.  He also solved mysteries.  And he neither drank nor smoked.

Frank first appeared in a juvenile serial magazine, Tip Top Weekly, in 1896. 

His creator, Miles L. Standish (real name Gilbert Patton), was one of the most prolific authors of all time.  He wrote a 20,000-word book a week, every week for 20 years.

In the early part of the 20th century, Frank Merriwell books actually outsold the Bible.
His radio show ran briefly in 1934, then weekly on NBC from 1946 to 1949. 

This episode, Sold At Auction, first aired on July 24,1948.

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110-121101 In the Treasure Corner - Know Your Coins III - State Quarters

From 1999 to 2008, every state in the union was honored with its own state quarter. 

Five a year for ten years, and then six bonus coins, for Washington, DC and the United States territories.

These coins can still be found in general circulation, and some of them are worth money.

This episode of In the Treasure Corner describes how the series came to be, and tells you about a few of the coins that are worth much more than their face value.

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