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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jan 31, 2013

When you skip over pulltabs, you skip over gold rings.  It's as simple as that. 

I found more gold in one year with my primitive, non-discriminating metal detector than I've found in the past 30 years. 

How should you set your detector if you want a shot at those gold rings? 

For more articles about metal detecting...

Jan 29, 2013

Damon Runyon was as much of a character as the gamblers, grifters and gangsters he wrote about. 

This episode of the Damon Runyon Theater, The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown, gave us the musical Guys and Dolls, with Sky Masterson, Nathan Detroit, Harry the Horse, and Nicely-Nicely Jones (Nicely-Nicely Johnson in the...

Jan 21, 2013

Arch Oboler was radio's Rod Serling, best known for writing and hosting the horror show Lights Out.  Remember Bill Cosby's "Chicken Heart that Consumed the World"?  That was Arch Oboler. 

So was the infamous Adam and Eve skit that got Mae West banned from radio for 30 years. 

But another side of Oboler, perhaps the...

Jan 18, 2013

Last month, the United States Mint submitted a 400-page report to Congress that could make the coin identification circuitry of our metal detectors obsolete.

A move is afoot to save the government big bucks by changing the metal composition of our coins. 

No longer would a penny be a zincoln.  No longer would...

Jan 15, 2013

There were lots of quiz shows on radio in the golden days.  Here's one that pitted husband against wife in a battle of the sexes.

The stunts were crazy, the audience was enthusiastic, and host Tiny Ruffner really got into the show.

Enjoy this episode from September 23, 1949.