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118-130228 In the Treasure Corner- Just Another "Returned Ring" Story?  NOT!

Many of us have found, and returned, rings. 

Here's a genuine rags-to-riches story of a homeless man who returned a ring, and came out a lot better in the end than anyone could ever imagine.

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145-130225 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - This is Your FBI

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover called this show "the finest dramatic program on the air. 

Not only did he endorse the show, he also met regularly with the show's producer-director Jerry Devine. 

He even sent Devine to a two-week FBI school so he would better understand the workings of the Bureau.

This is Your FBI was on the air from 1945 to 1953.  This episode, Campus Shakedown, first aired on March 31, 1950.

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144-130218 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Results, Incorporated

Actor Lloyd Nolan appeared in over sixty films in his career.  Claire Trevor won an Oscar for her role in Key Largo.

Together, they starred in a short-lived detective series called Results, Incorporated. 

Nolan played private detective Johnny Strange, and Trevor was his secretary Theresa Travors.  (That's Claire holding Lloyd in the photo.)

This episode, The Haunted House, was the pilot for the series.  It aired on October 7, 1944.

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117-130214 In the Treasure Corner - 21st Century Research

The other day I got a letter in the mail, handwritten, from a treasure hunter in Nevada.

He was working on a lead, and he needed help finding two old magazines that might contain information that will help him in his search.

As I read his letter, I realized how difficult this man was making it for himself by avoiding the world of computers.

This show tells that story.

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143-130211 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Scattergood Baines

Scattergood Baines, a small town hardware merchant, was a well-known character three-quarters of a century ago.  

He was created by Clarence Budington Kelland, who was also well-known back then.  Kelland wrote hundreds of short stories, many appearing in the Saturday Evening Post, and dozens of popular novels.  

Scattergood Baines aired on CBS for six years (1937-1942), then returned in 1949 on Mutual.  This episode, Sweet Charity, was originally broadcast on February 24, 1949.

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142-130204 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Private Files of Rex Saunders

Most well-known shows from the Golden Age of Radio ran for several years.  This week, we're going to hear one that lasted for just three months. 

Rex Harrison, who would later win both a Tony and an Oscar for his role as Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, starred in this radio series.  He played a private detective named Rex Saunders. 

This episode, A Shocking Still Life, originally aired on May 9, 1951.

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