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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jul 30, 2013

Some radio shows were so popular that the rival networks ran imitations. 

The Adventures of the Abbotts was in a way a copy show.  It was about a sophisticated married couple who solved mysteries, a la Nick and Nora Charles, and Mr. and Mrs. North.

But this particular copy was pretty much as good as (and sometimes...

Jul 23, 2013

Groucho Marx is best-known for his radio and TV quiz show, You Bet Your Life. 

But before that, during World War II, he did a comedy show called Blue Ribbon Town (you can guess the sponsor).  Groucho did a lot of vaudeville jokes, and he had a different guest star each week. 

This episode, from February 26, 1944,...

Jul 19, 2013

To some treasure hunters, Ermal Fraze is despised. 

Why?  Because he invented the pulltab. 

Many coinshooters and ring hunters hate his invention, but I celebrate it. 

Because if there were no pulltabs, I'd never find a gold ring.

The history of the pulltab is fascinating.  Check it out!

For more articles about metal...

Jul 16, 2013

Grand Central Station had quite a run - from 1937 until 1954.  Over the years, it appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC and the Blue Network. 

Each week, it followed a random passenger who was getting off a train in Grand Central Station. 

The programs were usually light romantic comedies. 

This episode, Moon Blind, originally...

Jul 9, 2013

Chandu the Magician was the alter ego of Frank Chandler, an American who had learned occult powers from a yogi in India.  Sounds a lot like Lamont Cranston and The Shadow!
Chandu had two OTR runs twelve years apart.  First in the early 1930s, then again in the late 1940s.  Each series was written by Vera...