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131-130829 In the Treasure Corner - Five Years Old!

Five years of In the Treasure Corner under my belt! 

In this annual birthday show, I discuss which shows have been listened to most, who's listening, and where those listeners are. 

The most-listened-to show of the past three years?  A bit of a curiosity!  But the show in second place is no surprise at all.  We take a quick look at eight of the most-listened episodes of all time.

And in this show, I'll point you to an episode of In the Treasure Corner that you should be sure to hear if you haven't already -it could increase your finds dramatically.

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171-130826 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Orson Welles Almanac

Orson Welles, comedian?

This little-known talent of the master was exhibited in his radio show, The Orson Welles Almanac, which was broadcast in 1944. 

Each week, Orson did both comedy and drama.  His show also featured musical numbers, random facts, and guest stars. 

This episode features actress Mary Boland, and it was first broadcast on March 29, 1944.

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170-130819 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Murder By Experts

Mystery writer John Dickson Carr published 45 novels under his own name and 25 more under the pen name Carter Dickson. 

He also hosted this radio mystery show.  Murder By Experts was on the air from 1949 to 1951. 

Each week, a different mystery novelist recommended his or her favorite mystery story, and that story was told on Murder By Experts.

This episode, The Case of the Missing Mind, aired December 26, 1949.

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130-130815 In the Treasure Corner - The Quarter that Never Was

Three times her design for the new Washington quarter was recommended for approval by the George Washington Bicentennial Committee and the United States Fine Arts Commission.

Three times the Secretary of the Treasury turned her down without explanation.

This is the story of Laura Gardin Fraser, and the United States quarter that never was.

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169-130812 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Everyman's Theater

Arch Oboler was the second - and best known - host of the horror show Lights Out. 

He also wrote and directed Arch Oboler's Plays.  When that show became popular, the name was changed to Everyman's Plays.

This episode, Cat Woman, first aired on October 18, 1940.

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168-130805 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Death Valley Days

Death Valley Days was written by a female New York advertising copywriter who travelled once a year to the wild west to gather ideas for her stories. 

The series ran for 40 years total on radio and TV.  Sometimes the stories were fiction, sometimes they told the story of famous westerners. 

This episode, from August 27, 1936, is the story of the famous outlaw Sam Bass.

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129-130801 In the Treasure Corner - The Two-Million Dollar Dime

Did little Hallie Daggett really spend a shiny new 1894-S Barber dime for a dish of ice cream? 

The same 1894-S dime that just sold for over 2 million dollars? 

Why are they so valuable?  Where are the 15 missing ones?  Can you find one? 

Answers are at the Treasure Corner.  Check it out!

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