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206-140428 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Calling All Cars

Calling All Cars was a groundbreaking police procedural program that paved the way for later shows like Gangbusters and Dragnet.

On the air from 1933 to 1939, it was written and directed by William N. Robson, who later received acclaim for his work on such shows as Suspense and Escape.

This episode, The 26th Wife, is about a man whose hobby is marrying women and then killing them.  It first aired on July 20, 1939.

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148-140424 In the Treasure Corner - Secrets of a Good Permission Letter

Writing a letter to ask permission to hunt private property is usually a bad idea, because it seldom works. 

But sometimes there is no other way. 

So if you do have to write a letter, what should you say? 

More importantly, what should you NEVER say? 

Listen to learn the secrets of giving yourself the highest odds possible when you HAVE to write that letter.

For more articles about metal detecting and a look at my book, The Metal Detecting Manual, visit  And if you order a copy of my book and would like me to autograph it for you, just let me know!

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205-140421 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Quiz Kids

Some of you may know that in another life, I am a treasure hunter.  And sometimes my hobbies collide. 

I once found a 1935 Radio Orphan Annie decoder wheel while I was searching for old coins with a metal detector.  And this past weekend, I found another OTR treasure while perusing an old bookstore.

I picked up a first-edition copy of The Quiz Kids, a 1947 book written by the chief researcher for the show.  And the book was signed by the author, the host of the radio show, and three of the quiz kids themselves.  Hog Heaven!

And since I haven't run a Quiz Kids episode yet, now seems to be the perfect time. 

In fact, this episode  was aired on March 9, 1947 - the day after my book was signed at the autograph party in Chicago. 

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204-140414 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Silver Theater

The Silver Theater was so named because it was sponsored by the Rogers Silverware Company.  It ran for 11 years on CBS. 

Most of the shows were original dramas written especially for this program, though sometimes they ran movie adaptations. 

Many of Hollywood's stars appeared on the Silver Theater, including Cary Grant, Clark Gable, and Helen Hayes. 

This episode, starring Robert Montgomery as a not-so-nice guy, first aired on April 16, 1939.  It's called Expert Opinion.

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147-140410 In the Treasure Corner - Early Coin Facts

Why was the first mint established in Philadelphia instead of Washington, D.C.? 

Why did we abandon the shillings-and-pounds money of our homeland? 

By federal law, the portrait of whom (or what) had to appear on all United States coins? 

Who was the first president to appear on a regularly-circulated United States coin? 

And what four coins authorized by the original Coinage Act of 1792 are no longer minted for circulation? 

Hear the answers to all these questions, and more, in this fast-moving three-minute program. 

By the way, this photo is of the very first United States Mint in Philadelphia, which operated from 1792 until 1833.

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203-140407 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Hello Sucker!

Consumer fraud has been around a long time. 

In 1952, Chicago's WMAQ, in conjuction with the Better Business Bureau of Chicago, produced a series of half-hour radio dramas illustrating how con men work. 

It ran for four months, and it was called Hello Sucker!

This episode, Spare Time Sucker, first aired on March 1, 1952.

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202-140331 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Green Lama

Double Detective magazine wanted a character like The Shadow, so they hired a writer to create one. 

Result:  The Green Lama, a multimillionaire American who studied under Tibetian masters, and returned to the United States with superpowers. 

The Green Lama began as a series of short novels in Double Detective magazine, then he appeared in a series of comic books, and finally CBS put him on the radio, with voice artist extraordinaire playing the Green Lama.  

This episode, The Last Dinosaur, first aired on July 2, 1949.

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