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214-140623 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The NBC University Theater

College credits by radio!  Sounds great for those enrolled in the class, but who else would want to listen to "educational programs" on the radio, when all the fun stuff was on the other stations?

That was the dilemma the NBC University Theater faced.  People were afraid they might be educated if they listened to the show!  And we all know how boring THAT is.

Nonetheless, this show, which was on the air from 1948 to 1951, more than held its own with the other radio programs that adapted books and short stories to the air.  Big name stars appeared, and the scripts were outstanding.  If the program had been given a more enticing name, it might well have garnered a much larger audience.

This episode, Mark Twain's The Man That Corrupted Hadleyville, first aired on January 24, 1951.

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152-140619 In the Treasure Corner - The Great Silver Dollar Sell-Off

The rare 1903-O (for New Orleans) silver dollar was worth a lot of money in the early 1960s. 

Then several thousand of them were found, stored uncirculated in bags of a thousand each, in a vault at the Philadelphia mint.  Suddenly, their value dropped by two-thirds.

This show explains why the mint made more silver dollars than they needed for half a century, and why silver dollars are suddenly in demand every November. 

And how, in November 1962, the Philadelphia mint sold millions of uncirculated old silver dollars that had been hidden away in its vaults.

If you need a really great book on metal detecting, either for yourself or for a gift, please give mine a look.  It's at, along with some articles and tips and secrets to help you improve your detecting skills.

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213-140616 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Lineup

The Lineup was probably inspired by the success of Dragnet on the radio. 

The Lineup ran on CBS from 1950 to 1953, and it had an impressive cast presenting well-written stories.

Bill Johnstone, who had played the Shadow for five years (between Orson Welles and Bret Morrison) starred as Police Lieutenant Ben Guthrie in "a great American city."

This episode, The Silk Stocking Bandit, originally aired on March 25, 1952.

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212-140609 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Casebook of Gregory Hood

Poor Gregory Hood.  He got no respect from Mutual or ABC, the two networks that carried him. 

Six different actors in five years played Hood, and his time slot changed (both day AND time) seven times during its run.

Gregory Hood was an importer and amateur detective who lived in San Francisco.  The scripts were written by the same team who scripted the Sherlock Holmes radio series.  (Gregory Hood began as a summer replacement for Sherlock.)

This episode, Gregory Hood, Suspect, first aired on September 30, 1946.

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151-140605 In the Treasure Corner - Googling for Treasure

Do you use Google to research for metal detecting honeyholes and treasure leads? 

Do you know how to winnow over three million poor leads into a few dozen good ones?  (Look at the two different Google searches in the graphic).

Herewith, with bigtime thanks to Dick Stout, are some tips on keywords you should be using for your area, and some secrets of eliminating the hits you don't want. 

Dick writes a treasure hunting blog you should be reading:  He's fun, he's controversial, and he's knowledgeable.  (And he's cute, too!)

You can also read some of my articles on metal detecting, and my spiffy book ad, at

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211-140602 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The House of Mystery

The House of Mystery ran on Mutual from 1945 to 1949. 

Narrator Roger Elliott (played by John Griggs) told ghost stories to kids. 

The show started as a 15-minute strip, but soon expanded to a half-hour. 

This episode, A Gift from the Dead, first aired on August 3, 1947.

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