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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Jul 29, 2014

Husband and wife writing team Frank and Anne Hummert (pictured here) were known as the parents of the radio soap opera.  Among their many creations are Ma Perkins, Just Plain Bill, Mary Noble Backstage Wife, Stella Dallas, Young Widder Brown, Lorenzo Jones, Our Gal Sunday, and the Romance of Helen Trent. 

 But they also...

Jul 22, 2014

Author's Playhouse turned the world's finest short stories into half-hour radio shows. 

The program aired from 1941 to1945 on the NBC Network. 

This episode, The Man Who Woke Up Famous, first aired on July 15, 1944.

Jul 18, 2014

In 1857, a ship loaded with gold from the California Gold Rush sank off the coast of South Carolina.  430 passengers and crew members drowned, and the ship ended up a mile and a half down, on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1980, a scientist from Columbus, Ohio, decided to search for the ship.  He collected a lot...

Jul 15, 2014

Bob Hastings, who died last month, was best-known by old-time radio fans as Archie Andrews, of the Archie-Jughead-Betty-Veronica series. 

But before playing Archie, Bob was Jerry, the young mate on Captain Silver's ship, the Seahound.  The Seahound sailed the seven seas in search of adventure.  The program was written...

Jul 8, 2014

Tales of Tomorrow was a short-lived radio show wherein short stories from Galaxy science fiction magazine were adapted into half-hour radio dramas. 

Host of the series was the famous "Raymond" - Raymond Edward Johnson.  The series started on ABC and then moved to CBS.  It was on the air from New Year's Day to April...