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157-140828 In the Treasure Corner - Six Years Old!

Six years ago, I decided to start a treasure hunting podcast.  Other such podcasts had come and gone, most of them dying after half a dozen episodes at best. 

And, truth be told, they deserved an early death.  They were virtually unlistenable.  Long pointless chatter, usually two or more guys laughing at their own private jokes, the content bouncing back and forth between painful and pointless.  Totally unscripted and lasting a half hour or longer, with maybe two minutes of actual information scattered within the chaff. They reminded me of what one of my broadcasting instructors said seemed to be the standard rule:  "Keep talking until you think you've said something."

My show (brag alert!) was different.  It is completely scripted, with just one voice, and a scant three to five minutes for most episodes. It has had nearly 400,000 downloads.

And it has lasted for six years and 157 episodes. 

In this birthday episode, I discuss the number of people who listen, where they are from, and how they listen.  I list the most popular episodes, and I point you to past episodes that you really should hear. 

And after you've listened to all that, you just might be impressed enough to order my book, The Metal Detecting Manual.  You can do that here:

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223-140825 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Answer Man

The Answer Man was kind of a goofy show. 

For 15 minutes, the narrator would throw questions at the Answer Man (Albert Mitchell), and Mitchell would throw back his answer.  Back and forth at a rapidfire pace, and there were no boundaries for the question topics, which were mailed in by listeners. 

The show ran on Mutual from 1937 to 1956, and overseas versions ran with different local hosts as the Answer Man.

If you wanted to know Adolph Hitler's phone number, or how many muscles were in a elephant's trunk, the Answer Man could tell you.

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140818 - In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Skippy Hollywood Theatre

The Skippy Hollywood Theatre was one of the first radio programs that was NOT aired live in front of a studio audience.  Instead, it was recorded and edited before it went on the air. 

And until its final year on the air, it wasn't on a national network.  It was a syndicated program, meaning that individual stations contracted to carry the show.  Skippy Peanut Butter had a good thing going, because in the markets where the Skippy Hollywood Theatre played, Skippy Peanut Butter sales skyrocketed.

This episode, Three Strikes Yer Out, first aired on August 13, 1948.

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156-140815 In the Treasure Corner - Counterfeit Coins

Counterfeit coins have been in the news recently, and this show examines some of the more common types of counterfeits.

From making your own from scratch, or altering dates on real coins, or combining two real coins into a third coin that is worth thousands of dollars more than either of the originals. 

The latest instance of fakery centers around the 1883-S Morgan dollar.  The photo shows how coins can have their faces shaved off, and then two halves are pressed together to make a "new" coin which is much more valuable than the two coins you started with.

You can also read some articles on metal detecting, and check out my ad for my treasure hunting book, at

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221-140811 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Mark Trail

Cartoonist Ed Dodd, who was also a Boy Scout leader and a National Parks guide, created the newspaper comic strip Mark Trail in 1946. 

Mark Trail was a wildlife writer and photographer.  The strip started in 45 newspapers, and at its peak it appeared in over 400 markets.

The comic strip became a radio show in 1946, first as a half-hour program airing three times a week, and later as a 15-minute show.

This episode, Purse Strings of Danger, first aired on September 25, 1950.

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220-140804 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Dark Venture

J. Donald Wilson produced two radio series:  The Whistler, and Dark Venture.

Dark Venture began as a west-coast-only show (as did The Whistler), but after a year it expanded to the nationwide ABC radio network.

It was a psychological thriller.  The listener was able to get inside the murder's head, hearing his thoughts as he (or she) rationalized and planned their foul deeds.

Dark Venture ran from 1945 to 1947.  This episode, The Last Inhabitant, originally ran on November 18, 1946. 

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155-140731 In the Treasure Corner - Coin Roll Treasure

All because of a bum knee. 

Mr. Doe had been collecting coins for over half a century, and he found a good many silver coins in half-dollar coin rolls he bought from banks around his home in New Orleans.

But he gave up the hobby a few years ago, when the silver pretty much dried up.

A knee replacement operation left him rehabbing in his easy chair, and rather than just vegetate, he took up his old hobby of coin roll hunting again. 

And this show tells the story of his unbelievable find.

You can also read some articles on metal detecting, and my spiffy book ad, at

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