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228-140929 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Big Story

The Big Story, which ran from 1947 to 1955 on NBC, told true crime stories through the eyes of newspaper reporters. 

The show's producer, Bernard Prockter, scoured newspapers from around the country for lurid stories, usually of murder, that he could turn into radio shows.  And of course, the names were changed to protect the innocent.  Or the guilty.

The newspaper reporters who had originally written the stories were paid $500 at the end of his or her episode. 

This episode, The Bobbysox Kid, originally aired on October 10, 1947.

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159-140925 In the Treasure Corner - Medal of Honor

Bill Shaffer's story:  He found a Medal of Honor, it was taken from him under false pretenses, and now he has a chance to get it back. 

But he needs your help! 

The missing clue that may win the day for Bill's case is a photograph that was printed in a treasure magazine 30 years ago.  Do you have a copy? 

Listen to Bill's story, and if you can help, buzz me at 

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227-140922 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Hall of Fantasy

Richard Thorne and Carl Greyson created The Hall of Fantasy when they worked together at radio station KALL in Salt Lake City.  In its first incarnation, it was a pretty standard mystery show, where the bad guys always got what was coming to them. 

Thorne and Greyson left KALL in 1947, but two years later they were reunited at radio station WGN in Chicago.  They put together a new version of The Hall of Fantasy, but this time they did terror and the supernatural instead of mystery. 

Their show ran for three years on WGN before it was picked up nationally by the Mutual Network. 

This episode, The Automaton, first aired on July 27, 1953.

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226-140915 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Stars Over Hollywood

Stars acting in their pajamas?  Well, it WAS radio, and the radio audience couldn't see them....

Stars Over Hollywood aired early on Saturday afternoon, when many people were just getting out of bed.  And Hollywood stars liked their Saturdays informal, too, and they loved the relaxed atmosphere of the studio where Stars Over Hollywood originated.

Running for over 13 years on CBS, Stars Over Hollywood showed the world that light comedies and romances for adults could succeed on Saturday afternoons. 

This episode featured Debbie Reynolds in The First Man She Met.  It first aired on August 23, 1952.

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158-140911 In the Treasure Corner - Eighteen Coins in 10 minutes

Eighteen coins in 10 minutes with no detector, no pinpointer, and no digging tools?

At first blush, that sounds pretty great.  But not really, as you'll realize when you hear the story. 

And though the results of this one particular experience are not as earthshaking as they seem, the METHOD used to obtain the results has tons of potential. 

And THAT is what this story is really all about.

For articles that will help you find more and deeper coins with your metal detector, visit

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225-140908 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - The Big Guy

Do you recognize the name Henry Calvin?  No?  Well, howsabout Sergeant Garcia, on Walt Disney's Zorro?

Henry Calvin was a singer, a Broadway actor, and a film and television actor.

But he started as a radio actor, and in 1950 he starred in the NBC radio series The Big Guy. 

The Big Guy, Joshua Sharp, was even bigger than Don Wilson!  His shoe size, he said, was "902 in a triple D".  He was a detective who got a lot of help from his two small children, Josh Junior and Debbie.

The show was short-lived; it ran for just six months. 

This is the first episode, called The Unheard Voice.  It was heard on May 7, 1950.

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224-140901 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - That's Rich

Stan Freberg's first radio show wasn't the infamous Jack Benny summer replacement show of 1957 - it was the 1954 satirical sitcom, That's Rich. 

Freberg played Richard E. Wilk of the Consolidated Paper Works Company. 

The list of actors in the show was spectacular:  Frank Nelson, Alan Reed, Daws Butler, Hal March, Peter Leeds. 

In later life, Freberg was an advertising genius.  He won 21 Cleos (the advertising world's equivalent of the Oscar). 

As a special bonus for you, I've added  his most famous one-minute radio spot at the end of this show.  It's the one where, with the help of the Royal Canadian Air Force, he turns Lake Michigan into a huge chocolate sundae.

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