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170-150226 In the Treasure Corner - A $12,500 Metal Detector

New Minelab gold detector:  $12,499.00
Most expensive Garrett gold detector:  $799.95*

Is any detector worth twelve and a half thousand dollars?  Are you buying more than just the parts that make up this machine?  What exactly does "up to 40% more depth" mean? 

On the other hand, if you live in gold country, one good find could pay for this machine.  This is head-swimming territory, and I'm not sure how to handle it.  What do YOU think?

*(To be fair, Garrett also has a deepseeker detector package at $3,280, but that one comes with two coils and several accessories and does much more than find gold.)


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249-150224 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Now Hear This

Now Hear This told Navy stories, mostly from World War II. 

It was narrated by a sailor named Boats, who was played first by Arnold Robertson and later by Larry Haines.

It had a short run, just a few months in the summer and fall of 1951, on NBC.  

Here is the first episode, called Fire at Sea.  It aired on June 24, 1951.

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248-150217 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Radio Hall of Fame

The Radio Hall of Fame was produced by Variety, the show-biz bible.  Classical music composer and first president of ASCAP Deems Taylor was the host of the show, and conductor Paul Whiteman was the musical director. 

The Radio Hall of Fame was a variety show, with news, comedy, drama, music, and biographies all rolled into one show.  It ran from 1943 to 1946, as an hour show for the first half of its run, then as a half-hour show.

This episode, from April 7, 1946, salutes Bill "Mr. Bojangles" Robinson and comedian Larry Storch.

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169-150212 In the Treasure Corner - Counterfeit, or What?

The San Francisco mint, 1917.

Somebody was doing SOMETHING unauthorized with one of the new machines that made half dollars, and there were no clues as to who (or what?) was responsible.  The Secret Service to the rescue...

This is the exciting story of a counterfeiter who didn't really counterfeit - or did he?  See what you think, as you listen to the story of Charlie Butler and the absolutely-perfect fifty-cent pieces he made on the sly.


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247-150212 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - An American in England

The World War II radio program An American in England was written and directed by Norman Corwin and produced by Edward R. Murrow. 

Corwin auditioned several British actors for the role of narrator, but at the last minute he rejected them all and sent for American actor Joseph Julian to come to England to do the show.  Julian arrived via bomber, the day before the first broadcast.

The purpose of the series was to let America see what the British people were really like, through the eyes of an American.  The series ran for just six episodes on CBS, in the summer and fall of 1942. 

This episode first aired on September 7, 1942. 

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246-150205 In the Old-Time Radio Corner - Rate Your Mate

Joey Adams was in show biz for over 70 years.  From vaudeville to the nightclub stage, from radio and TV to the authorship of 23 books, Adams was a stellar comedian.

He hosted the radio quiz show Rate Your Mate on CBS in 1950 and 1951. 

This episode aired on August 5, 1950.

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