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In the Corner with Dan Hughes

Mar 27, 2015

The first thing you notice about a gold dollar is how tiny it is - about a half inch across.  And it weighs about 1/25 of an ounce, or about half the weight of a dime.

Then if you're especially perceptive, you might notice that Lady Liberty has the same facial outline as the Indian on the Indian head penny.  Why? ...

Mar 26, 2015

What do Superman, Popeye, and the Falcon have in common?  The stars of all those shows were also stars in the detective radio drama, Philo Vance.

Philo is played by Jackson Beck, who was the voice of Popeye's Bluto.  His secretary was played by Joan Alexander, who was Superman's Lois Lane.  And the DA was played by...

Mar 19, 2015

Schoolbook controversies are nothing new.  Nearly three-quarters of a century ago, the subject was covered in this episode of a CBS docu-drama called The Free Company. 

Should American history textbooks cover only the glowing, positive aspects of our early heroes, or should they present the complete truth, warts and...

Mar 13, 2015

Here's a rapidfire quiz about coins.  The questions are hard but fun, and the answers are given right after the questions are asked. 

So if you want to make guesses as you go, keep your finger on the pause button and hit it just as soon as I finish reading the question. 

Which of today's coins have the least amount of...

Mar 12, 2015

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, television was exploding everywhere, and radio was fading.  Radio producers went to great lengths to survive as long as they could.  One of their tricks was to hire famous movie stars as radio actors.  Hence Jimmy Stewart as the Six-Shooter, Alan Ladd in Box 13, and Bogart and Bacall...