In the Corner with Dan Hughes
200-160505 In the Treasure Corner - The Last (Regularly-Scheduled) Show

Show Number 200.  A good, clean stopping point.  

I really love doing this program, but after 200 shows, I've just about run dry.  It's just become really difficult to come up with new and different topics after eight years of programs.  So, I'm calling it quits with this episode.  

I'll still post new shows when I have something interesting to say, but not every other Thursday night anymore.  

If you'd like to be notified when I do post new episodes, drop me a note at  Just write IN THE TREASURE CORNER.

And you can remember me forever by buying my book, The Metal Detecting Manual.  Read about it at

And thanks for your ears for all these years!

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199-160421 In the Treasure Corner - Adios Andrew, Howdy Harriet

First, the powers-that-be decided it was past time to get a woman on our currency.

Their initial thought - Sacajawea on the ten-dollar bill.

But the public didn't want Sacajawea, they wanted Harriet Tubman.  

Okay, done.

And they didn't want to lose Alexander Hamilton on the ten, mainly because he was suddenly in the public spotlight, thanks to a bizarre Broadway hit musical where our Founding Fathers sing his praise.  In rap and hip-hop, with lots of crazy dancing.  Like 1776 on steroids.

Hey, whatever works.  

So now it's Harriet Tubman on the twenty.  Here's the story.


And speaking of money, if you don't know what to do with your tax return money, you should at least buy a copy of The Metal Detecting Manual

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A Different Kind of Treasure

No Show This Week -

I'm at the Great Lakes Nostalgia Convention with Paul Petersen (Jeff Stone on the Donna Reed Show) and Kathy Garver (Big sister Cissy on Family Affair). 

I'll be on stage with both of them Saturday, hosting an interview.

Here's my daughter Karen with Paul!

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198-160324 In the Treasure Corner - Visiting the Dentist Pays Off

Oh, no.  Dental check-up time again!  What good could possibly ensue?  

Well, there was this great book full of treasure leads, right there amongst the Sports Illustrateds and Ladies Home Journals.  And since I was a bit early for my appointment, I was able to sit down with it for a while.  

I was able to identify two good locations for old coins before the dentist called me in, and I'm sure there were a lot more waiting to be found.  (There's an exploding anvil story here, too.  Check it out.)


And if you haven't bought my book yet, shame.  It's here.

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197-160310 In the Treasure Corner - Costly Coins, Pricey Pennies

"Psst!  Hey Bud!  This penny cost me almost two cents - yours for just a penny!  And this nickel cost almost eight cents - wanna buy it for a nickel?"

That's the United States Mint, selling its coins for below cost.  As they have been doing for years.  

How to handle the problem?  Suggested fixes include using cheaper metals, or simply doing away with the coins altogether.  This show examines the cost of minting coins.

The photo, by the way, is of an alternative-metal nickel design. 


If you don't yet have a copy of The Metal Detecting Manual, here's where you can get one:


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196-160225 In the Treasure Corner - Design a United States Coin!

Who designs our coins? 

The Chief Engraver of the United States?  Sometimes.

An artist or sculptor invited by the US Mint?  Sometimes.

You?  Maybe!  

The World War One Centennial Commission has bravely invited all voting-age Americans to enter the competition to design a new silver dollar.  

I cover the basic details of the contest in this episode.  Complete rules are at

Wouldn't it be something to be metal detecting and dig a coin and say, "Oh!  This is one I designed!"


For a short video on digging coins, and articles on metal detecting accessories and getting better depth from your detector, visit

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195-160211 In the Treasure Corner - James B. Longacre, Engraver With a Problem

Mr. Longacre was in trouble.  His boss didn't like him.  And his boss was Director of the United States Mint.  

But Mr. Longacre had friends in high places.  Like the Presidency.  

Here's the story of the man who served under eight presidents and designed eight of our United States coins, all the while fighting every day to save his job. 

(By the way, that's a self-portrait of Mr. Longacre, along with a few of the coins he designed.)


For a short video on digging coins, and articles on metal detecting accessories and getting better depth from your detector, visit

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194-160128 In the Treasure Corner - Oops!  Three New Coins Issued - By Mistake!

The year, 1915.  The new Director of the United States Mint, Robert Woolley, misunderstood the law.  He thought he had to redesign the dime, quarter, and half dollar.  So he did.  

Chief Engraver of the Mint, Charles Barber, had designed all three of those coins being replaced (shown here in this photo).  He was furious.  

But coin enthusiasts cheered.  Gone were Barber's dull designs, and they were replaced by -

but listen to the story.


And read my article about getting better depth from your detector, no matter what brand or model.  Click the ARTICLES tab at

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193-160114 In the Treasure Corner - Dick Stout's Tornado

The regularly-scheduled episode for this week has been put on the back burner because of a tragedy in Texas. Instead of one long show, here are two short ones.

Part I - The night after Christmas, a tornado destroyed the home of metal detecting legend Dick Stout.  (I neglected to mention it in the show, but his dogs are fine).  You can help him rebuild at  (For more on Dick, scroll down to my show #139.)

Part II - The Franklin Mint, the Danbury Mint - private companies that mint coins as instant collectibles.  Good or bad?    I want your stories!  Buzz me at

And if Grandpa and Grandma gave you some Christmas money, you should probably use part of your loot to buy a copy of my book.  Here.  Http://


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192-151231 In the Treasure Corner - A Brand New Start

Out with the old, in with the new.  The old calendar is all used up, and a fresh one is raring to go.

New Year's Resolutions?  Nah.  They only last a week or two, mainly because they're just too difficult.  But howsabout a list of baby steps that you can do at your leisure, without deadlines that just encourage failure?

This show has some tips on things you might want to work on this new year to improve your metal detecting finds.

Here's the index to all the shows:

And here's the link to my book, The Metal Detecting Manual:

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